AZD'S On Set Costume Details

Make-Up Details

Combo, & Beginning Level: Eyes – Light Colors, including Purple, Rose or Peach. Lips – Pink or Red.
Blush– to match skin color Eyeliner, Mascara, and Foundation – optional.
Intermediate & Advanced Level: Eyes – Beige, Browns or Grays. Lips – Red. Blush & Foundation – to match skin color. Mascara & Eyeliner – Black.
Make-up is not requirement for any dancers under age 7. We do ask that ages 7 and up are in full make-up for pictures, dress rehearsal and recital. All girls are allowed to wear glitter but it must be applied before they arrive. Do Not send a can of glitter to Dress Rehearsal or Recital.

Costume Details

Dancers are required to provide any items in BOLD. Dancers need these items no later than Picture Day May 7th. If the item is a shoe please make sure they start bringing them to class right away.